Required Abilities

Knowledge-Based (Cognitive) Abilities
- Abilities that influence the acquisition and application of knowledge in problem solving
  • Verbal Abilities
    Abilities that influence the acquisition and application of verbal information in problem solving
    e.g., Oral Comprehension, Written Comprehension, Oral Expression, Written Expression
    This video begins with a shot of a man and a woman being greeted by a maitre-de at a restaurant. Two women are seen conversing in a cubicle, and a hotel manager is seen giving directions to the maid staff. Architects are shown in a group meeting, and then explaining designs to clients. A financial manager is seen going over numbers on a spreadsheet and then presenting information in a group meeting. There are also shots of teachers, newsmen, secretaries, and police. Sales and marketing managers are seen giving a presentation and explaining documents to a client. There are also shots of a scientist working in lab and conversing with students. The video ends with a shot of a real estate agent shaking hands with a man and a woman. Video about Verbal Abilities
    (MPEG 23MB)
  • Idea Generation & Reasoning Abilities
    Abilities that influence the application and manipulation of information in problem solving
    e.g., Fluency of Ideas, Originality, Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Information Ordering, Category Flexibility
    This video begins with an interior designer working on a sketch of a room. Next a man is seen giving a presentation. Architects are shown surveying an empty construction site, then working on blueprints, and models of buildings. Librarians are shown helping patrons in the library, financial managers are shown going over data and numbers, and engineers are shown working at both computers and construction sites. Millwrights are shown putting together large gears, and mechanics are shown putting a tire on a truck. There are also various shots of building inspectors walking through rooms, checking blueprints, taking notes, and inspecting walls. A safety specialist is shown helping a worker get into a safety suit and mask. There are also shots of a doctor consulting a patient, fire inspectors combing through a charred room, and a choreographer teaching a dance to her students. The video ends with shots of a man working on an advertising campaign, and a woman leading a meeting. Video about Idea Generation & Reasoning Abilities
    (MPEG 22MB)
  • Quantitative Abilities
    Abilities that influence the solution of problems involving mathematical relationships
    e.g., Mathematical Reasoning, Number Facility
    This video begins with a shot of a woman looking at a spreadsheet and entering data at her computer. A lab technician can be seen printing off data from an experiment and then calculating numbers. In a casino dealers are seen running tables. There are also shots of buyers examining clothes, marketers presenting campaigns, and cashiers ringing up purchases. A man and a woman can be seen working together at a desk, and a bank teller can be seen counting money and entering information into his computer. There is a shot of an economist working with her calculator, and there are shots of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. There are also shots of a woman comparing liquids in two graduated cylinders, and a man can be seen pouring a chemical into a vial. An architect can be seen comparing numbers to data on a blueprint, and a meteorologist can be seen tracking a storm front on her computer. Other workers can be seen making graphs, diagrams, and charts. Video about Quantitative Abilities
    (MPEG 19MB)
  • Memory
    Abilities related to the recall of available information
    e.g., Memorization
    Careers that require a good memory are highlighted in this video. A librarian is shown cataloguing books; a woman is shown working on a computer, and a man in shown in an office talking on the phone. A man and a woman are seen conversing in a lobby, and actors are shown dancing, singing, and going over lines. A teacher is shown helping his students, and travel agents are shown answering the phones and aiding customers. There are also various shots of doctors and nurses reading charts and examining a patient. Salesmen are shown demonstrating their products, handing out samples, and shaking hands with prospective buyers. Wait-staff are shown taking orders and serving food, a parking lot attendant is shown getting a car, and finally a flight crew is shown going over safety instructions on a plane. Video about Memory
    (MPEG 19MB)
  • Perceptual Abilities
    Abilities related to the acquisition and organization of visual information
    e.g., Speed of Closure, Flexibility of Closure, Perceptual Speed
    This video begins with an optometrist examining a patientís eyesight. A bridge tender is seen operating a control panel of a bridge and a man is seen using a target for practice at a firing range. A woman is seen in a lab examining fingerprints under a black light. Another man is seen examining a piece of crystal shaped like a dragon. There are various shots of people working with computers. One woman studies a map and then transfers data from the map into the computer. There are also shots of bank tellers counting money and helping customers. There are aerial shots of a traffic jam on a highway, and shots of a helicopter as well. A man is seen examining machinery, a machinist is seen making adjustments to an instrument, and a security guard is seen inspecting luggage. There is a shot of a meter reader checking gages, and there is also a shot of a lab technician smelling a sheet of paper that has been dipped in a clear liquid. There are various shots of assembly line workers, dealers at a casino, and computer screens displaying all kinds of data. The video ends with shots of a clerk looking for a file, and a man looking over fashion designs. Video about Perceptual Abilities
    (MPEG 20MB)
  • Spatial Abilities
    Abilities related to the manipulation and organization of spatial information
    e.g., Spatial Orientation, Visualization
    This video shows various professions that require good spatial abilities. The video begins with a man explaining a map to a group of people. Another man can be seen examining a larger map with a magnifying glass. A landscape architect can be seen walking outside and examining palm trees. Interior designers can be seen showing display boards featuring carpet samples, fabric swatches, and other design ideas to clients. A woman can be seen adjusting a diagram on a computer. There is also a shot of a policeman getting out of her car, millwrights examining blueprints, a nurse looking at a sonogram, and a chef cooking. Chemical engineers can be shown putting liquid into vials with a pipette. An architect is shown in a meeting going over blueprints and a diagram. There are also shots of a drafter working on a computer and a pilot checking instruments in the cockpit of a plane. Video about Spatial Abilities
    (MPEG 19MB)
  • Attentiveness
    Abilities related to application of attention
    e.g., Selective Attention, Time Sharing
    This video highlights various jobs that require attentiveness. The first shot is of an elementary school teacher leading his class. Next, detectives are shown collecting and labeling cigarette butts at a crime scene. Referees at a basketball game are shown making calls, and running up and down the court. Workers on a manufacturing floor are shown methodically assembling products. A restaurant manager is shown checking glasses with a waitress; he is then seen setting a table in the dinning room of the restaurant. Airport screeners are shown checking luggage, policeman are shown walking the perimeter of a house, and a detective is shown analyzing fingerprints in a lab. Other shots include, a pharmacist putting labels on bottles of pills, nurses with a patient in a hospital bed, a lab technician checking a vile of clear liquid, and a manager walking the floors in a casino. The video ends with shots of an aerobic instructor leading her class, and musicians plying the cello and the clarinet. Video about Attentiveness
    (MPEG 26MB)

  • Physical Dexterity (Psychomotor) Abilities
    - Abilities that influence the capacity to manipulate and control objects
  • Fine Manipulative Abilities
    Abilities related to the manipulation of objects
    e.g., Arm-Hand Steadiness, Manual Dexterity, Finger Dexterity
    This video begins with a shot of a welder working. A manicurist, a watch repairman, and a tailor taking measurements are also shown. A man is shown sewing a button and a jeweler is shown setting a diamond into a ring. Various electronics workers are also shown. A man is shown controlling a robotic arm in a factory and a woman is shown working on a computer chip. Artists such as painters, and potters also possess fine manipulative skills. A woman is shown putting the final touches on a painting and a potter is proudly displaying her work. Musicians such as piano players are also shown. There are also shots of mechanics working in a garage, utilities workers in cherry pickers working on a telephone poll, and surgeons in the middle of an operation. Hairdressers at a salon are also shown demonstrating fine manipulative skills such as highlighting and cutting hair. Video about Fine Manipulative Abilities
    (MPEG 17MB)
  • Control Movement Abilities
    Abilities related to the control and manipulation of objects in time and space
    e.g., Control Precision, Multi-limb Coordination, Response Orientation, Rate Control
    In this video we see a lumberjack cutting down a tree with a chain saw, a doctor looking at the sonogram of a pregnant woman, and a mechanic working on the motor of a motorcycle. Carpenters are also shown cutting wood and hammering. There is also a shot of a man driving a forklift. A golf pro is seen teaching a young boy to hit a golf ball, a crane operator is seen moving metal scraps from one area of a construction site to another, and broadcast technicians are seen adjusting faders and dials on a soundboard. There are also shots of a harbor pilot riding a launch out to a ship, and then boarding the ship with both boats are in motion. There are also various shots of truck and bus drivers, earth drillers, tool grinders, and airline pilots. Video about Control Movement Abilities
    (MPEG 20MB)
  • Reaction Time and Speed Abilities
    Abilities related to speed of manipulation of objects
    e.g., Reaction Time, Wrist-Finger Speed, Speed of Limb Movement
    This video begins with shots of lifeguards rescuing a woman on a beach. Another lifeguard is shown driving a jet ski out into the ocean to rescue another woman. Emergency medical technicians are seen lifting a man from a gurney and placing him in a hospital bed. A doctor is shown examining a patient, and a surgeon is also shown in the middle of an operation. Bus drivers are also shown driving down city streets, pilots are shown checking instruments in the cockpit of a plane, and air traffic controllers are shown checking monitors in an air traffic control tower. There are also shots of photographers taking pictures, basketball and soccer players in the middle of a game, and a nurse looking at a computer screen. Cops are shown shooting at a target as well as walking the streets. The video ends with various shots of EMTs helping accident victims. Video about Reaction Time and Speed Abilities
    (MPEG 21MB)

  • Physical Strength
    - Abilities that influence strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Physical Strength Abilities
    Abilities related to the capacity to exert force
    e.g., Static Strength, Explosive Strength, Dynamic Strength, Trunk Strength, Endurance, Stamina
    Strength In this video various jobs are shown that require a great deal of physical strength. Four men are seen carrying a large wooden board, a vet is shown picking up a dog and placing him on an examining table, and a man operating a truck is seen pushing logs and placing them on a flatbed of a truck. There are also shots of men shoveling, a bellhop carrying bags into a hotel room, a mechanic putting a tire on a car, and men pouring cement. A delivery man can be seen moving large boxes on a dolly and metal workers can be seen positioning beams on the frame of a building. Nursing aides and orderlies are also shown moving patient from a gurney to a hospital bed. Baggage handlers are shown placing luggage on a conveyer belt and carpet installers can be seen cutting carpet and stretching it across a room. Construction workers can be seen installing drywall and carrying wood beams. Assembly line workers can be seen putting together pieces of a car. There are also shots of ballerinas practicing a dance, lifeguards pushing a boat into the water, and a surveyor carrying his equipment through a snow covered forest. The video ends with a shot of a nurse helping a patient stand up from a chair. Video about Physical Strength Abilities
    (MPEG 24MB)
  • Flexibility, Balance and Coordination
    Abilities related to the control of gross body movements
    e.g., Extent Flexibility, Dynamic Flexibility, Gross Body Coordination, Gross Body Equilibrium
    This video begins with shots of ballerinas in a dance class. There are also shots of emergency workers such as ambulance drivers. Fire fighters can be seen fighting a forest fire. There is also a shot of a mason putting mortar on a wall. Paper hangers can be seen putting wall paper up in a kitchen, and construction workers can be seen walking on steal beams. There is a shot of a fisherman catching a fish and a gymnast practicing a flip on trampoline. There are also shots of a man driving a tractor, a bartender mixing drinks, a glazier installing a glass plate into a cabinet door, and construction workers installing a ventilation system. Workers on an assembly line are also shown working with the machines, and the video ends with a shot of a roofer installing shingles on a house. Video about Flexibility, Balance and Coordination
    (MPEG 18MB)

  • Sensory Abilities
    - Abilities that influence visual, auditory, and speech perception
  • Visual Abilities
    Abilities related to visual sensory input
    e.g., Near Vision, Far Vision, Visual Color Discrimination, Night Vision, Peripheral Vision, Depth Perception, Glare Sensitivity
    This video begins with shots of taxi drivers, lifeguards, and tour guides. A surveyor, a teacher, and an aviation inspector are also shown. Word processors and typists are seen working at their desks going over documents, and a bookkeeper is shown explaining numbers on a spreadsheet to a woman. Film editors are seen picking out shots for a movie scene, and film lab technicians are seen handling negatives. Truck drivers, parking lot attendants, and gymnasts are also shown. A watch repairer is seen looking through a monocle and surgeons are shown working on a patient in an operating room. Clothing buyers are seen examining an outfit, and photograph restorers are seen examining pictures. There are shots of bus drivers and a man is seen getting glasses. Video about Visual Abilities
    (MPEG 21MB)
  • Auditory and Speech Abilities
    Abilities related to auditory and oral input
    e.g., Hearing Sensitivity, Auditory Attention, Sound Localization, Speech Recognition, Speech Clarity
    This video begins with a shot of a band in a recording studio. A man is seen playing a guitar while a woman sings. Radio DJs are also shown reading the news to their listeners. There are various shots of a chorus practicing, reading music, and playing the piano. Social workers are shown helping people, and meeting with different clients. Boat mechanics are shown working on motors in a marina. Telephone operators and a receptionist in an office building are shown answering phones. A physical therapist is shown explaining a model joint to a patient. There is also a shot of a salesman giving a demonstration of his product. A foreign language instructor is shown leading his class. The video ends with more shots of radio DJs and a television newsroom. Finally, a concierge is shown giving directions in the lobby of a hotel. Video about Auditory and Speech Abilities
    (MPEG 21MB)

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